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Special Offers & Discounts (in SGD)


*Disclaimer: Discounts cannot be combined


Early Bird discount

Payment to be made by
13th July 2020*


Super Early Bird discount

Payment to be made by
30th June 2020*


ICF/IECL registered coach
or RAC

Payment to be made by
13th July 2020*


  • 25% early bird discount* if payment is completed by 13th July 2020

  • 40% early bird discount* if payment is completed by 30th June 2020

  • If you're a (a) ICF registered coach (b) IECL registered coach or (c) an attendee of the Resilient Asia Challenge, you are applicable to a 50% discount*. Registration and payment must be completed by 13th July 2020

*Please note that discounts cannot be combined

Live Virtual Certification

What is in the programme

All modules (with the exception of Module 1* & Module 4**) will be delivered
on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7-8.30pm HKT/SGT

Module 1* - 27th July, 7pm-9pm HKT/SGT
Module 2 - 29th July, 7pm-8.30pm HKT/SGT
Module 3 - 3rd August, 7pm-8.30pm HKT/SGT
Module 4** - between 3rd-10th August
(2 hr session scheduled with your Master Trainer)
Module 5 - 10th August, 7pm-8.30pm HKT/SGT
Module 6 - 12th August, 7pm-8.30pm HKT/SGT
Includes 3 assessments to use/resell once certified

All modules/sessions are mandatory

SGD2,760 SGD1,380

50% ICF/IECL/RAC discount
*payment to be made by 13th July 2020


SGD2,760 SGD1,656

40% Super Early Bird discount
*payment to be made by 30th June 2020

SGD2,760 SGD2,070

25% Early Bird discount
*payment to be made by 13th July 2020

As a Genos certified EI practitioner, you'll be able to:

1. Work and sell the full suite of Genos emotional intelligence products and programmes as a formally certified EI practitioner.

2. Provide an expert perspective on the business case for and benefits of EI in the workplace. 

3. Apply the Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence in client solutions to raise employee engagement, enhance resilience, improve teamwork, raise leader productivity and create a positive climate for change.

4. Powerfully debrief Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment results with individuals and teams.

5. Access the Genos University and Member Portal FREE for life. Receive free access to the Genos Partner app for resources and materials at your fingertips.

6. Deliver 5 'ready-to-deliver' 1-day workshops accompanied by PPT slide deck, workbooks and best practices that can be delivered virtually or face to face.

7. Work with sales and client-facing teams using Emotionally Intelligent Sales Reports & Programmes.

8. Support clients in identifying, recruiting and developing emotionally intelligent people using the unique Genos EI Selection Report.

9. Utilise our unique Emotional Culture Index and help your clients identify how their teams are feeling to prepare and develop enhancement programmes.

10. Deliver compelling keynote presentations on all aspects of Emotional Intelligence and build your reputation using Genos ready made training content, social media support and marketing best practices.

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